Challenge: Educating both the consumer and business markets on CT's complicated electric deregulation industry, the choices that they now have for electricity suppliers, the ease of switching from the traditional electric utilities to a lower cost alternative like Discount Power, and addressing any concerns in the transition process.

Result: Through consistent news release campaigns that focused on a different benefit of switching to the company, like its economical savings, original charity programs, customer retention incentives and environmentally-friendly products and services, a distinct and powerful business brand identity was created, which garnered statewide press across all major media outlets, including FOX-TV, WLIS-AM, Fairfield County Business Journal, Hartford Courant, Waterbury Republican American and the Norwalk Hour, among many others.

Testimonial: "As a startup company, we needed fast exposure and a way to stand out from our competition. Alliances By Alisa delivered that and we now have a publicity model for expansion into other states." Michael Ferreri, Chief Marketing Officer for Discount Power




Challenge: Positioning the urgent care model as a complimentary rather than competing force within CT's hospital and physician community, while promoting Dr. Michael Gutman as the pioneer in providing a new and faster alternative for immediate medical care within the healthcare industry.

Result: Ongoing media coverage in both regional broadcast outlets and national trade journals on timely medical topics facilitated such a consumer demand that New England Urgent Care experienced a rapid expansion from one to three facilities within one short year.

Testimonial: "Now I really do play a doctor on TV with all of the media coverage that I have received with Alisa's hard work. Her fresh ideas every month kept our waiting rooms filled." Dr. Michael Gutman, Medical Director, New England Urgent Care




Challenge: Promoting a group of diverse businesses, including restaurants, retail shops and service companies within a select geographic area.

Result: Consistent media blitzes within Hartford County TV stations and newspapers, highlighting special events and featured attractions resulted in Blue Back Square becoming CT's premiere shopping and dining destination.

Testimonial: "I've been working with Alisa's publicity firm for many years now and her creativity and ability to keep us on top of the news always impresses us! To get the same amount of media coverage through traditional advertising would have cost us considerably more- she has saved us thousands". Barbara Lerner, Project Marketing Manager, Blue Back Square




Challenge: Providing public awareness of CT's historical landmarks, promoting each of its twelve distinct sites as part of the larger CT Landmarks network, while raising funds for their preservation needs.

Result: Penetrating each landmark area with customized news release campaigns that effectively publicized the unique programs offered by the particular landmark location, thus creating revenue from donations and tourism.

Testimonial: "I can't say enough positive things about Alliances By Alisa. She has produced more than $100,000 worth of media value every year. Being a non-profit organization, we are living proof that every business can afford and should have a publicist." Sheryl Hack, Executive Director for CT Landmarks



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